WCCI Volunteer Opportunties

September 2004 – Present
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World Changers Fellowship (WCFC) Church Music Administrator
(Administrative Support) is the direct volunteer assist to the WCFC-Coordinator as it pertains to satellite locations’ music department.
World Changers Church-New York Music Department
WCC-NY Music Department Administrator (9/2004 – 5/2006; 1/2012 – Present) – [Administrative Support] is the direct volunteer administrator to the Music Director as it pertains to the music department.
WCC-NY Music Department Project Manager (6/2009 – Present) – [Administrative Support] The Project Manager assists the WCC-NY Music Director and Administrator in enforcing the tasks, policies and departmental check lists as prescribed to effectively manage the department.
WCC-NY Music Department Administrative Team Consult/Trainer (Ongoing) – [Administrative Support] senior volunteer administration team member, assisting with the recruitment and training of new volunteer supports.
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